TEC Canada Motion Graphics + Process

Final animation (see process below)

Tiffany sengsavang 7

A page from the storyboard.

Tiffany sengsavang charac explore

Character exploration for our main leader, from which I would reference for the other characters. We ended up combining the two lower right sketches. Colour exploration is also done here.

Tiffany sengsavang mc

Our main lead. The "crab" hands would later be replaced with ones with more detail.

Tiffany sengsavang colour explore

More colour exploration, including a rough colour script

Tiffany sengsavang backgrounds jpeg

Initial backgrounds.

Tiffany sengsavang master characters

Master characters, including an unused office worker on the right.

Client motion graphics project done for the wonderful folks at The Executive Committee Canada (tec-canada.com/)

Art Director - Alexander Sakarev
Director Sales & Marketing - Marc Johnson

Storyboards, visual development, character and environment design,
animation and final editing by Tiffany Sengsavang
Thank you Alexander Sakarev for assistance in illustrations.

Track: Corporate background track [Free Release]
Music provided by Synthezx Audio Group.