Plants that Kill + Sketches

Tiffany sengsavang monkshood tiffanysengsavang2018 lr

The Monkshood. Also called Mousebane because its scent supposedly killed mice... Whether that's true or not, it can sure kill humans.

Tiffany sengsavang autumncrocus tiffanysengsavang2018 lr

Despite its lovely demeanor, the Autumn Crocus can cause symptoms similar to those of cholera.

Tiffany sengsavang castor tiffanysengsavang2018 lr

The Castor Bean - also known as the Castor Plant - can make one helluva laxative.

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Tiffany sengsavang cards

A few killer plants illustrated for "Idiots in the Poison Garden," an unofficial board game based on the infamous Alnwick Poison Garden.
"You and three other friends are trapped in an enclosure of lovely plants. The problem is that you are all idiots and these plants kill! How long can YOU survive... and how will you die?"